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There comes a time in every growing company’s life that the expertise of the staff that is available outstrips the expertise a project demands. What your company needs in those moments is a consulting contractor with the knowledge and experience to take the project in hand and guide it through to a flawless completion. Welcome to I offer a full range of technology services – from software analysis and design to staff augmentation. Contact me for a free consult now or view the services page for more detail on offerings.

Consulting Mine

From time to time companies require technology experts to work on a project while staying within a budget. If this individual cannot be found from within the organization which is unlikely for the most part due to the specialized nature of the task. Then the next likely move is to hire a consultant otherwise called a contractor. I have been employed in this capacity for a number of years. These assignments have so far been the most exciting times of my career. My experience in this field spans a number of industries

Design Mine

If you require design services then I can help you with that. From as simple as a single web page design to as robust and complex as a financial system and database design and everything in between. I do provide complete and comprehensive end to end solutions to fit any budget. Contact me at any time for a free quote and consult. I am a huge proponent of Open and Versatile Technologies and as result all my solutions will be predicated on this, unless an alternate preference has been communicated by you.

Staffing Mine

Having gone through a number of phone screens (too many to count) I now have a greater appreciation for the role technical recruiters play in the industry. I also know however that this process can be a frustrating one for developers and that is why I am offering this service. With a sound knowledge of industry standards, best practices and a solid network of willing engineers let us assist you in finding the best candidate for your requirement. After all I do believe that it truly “takes one to know one”. While you could end up

The Future Is Open
My experience in the design field has led me to believe that technology should be both open and versatile. When working to build your project, my solutions will default to incorporating these concepts into the design, barring an alternate preference indicated by you. Call today to get a no cost, obligation free quote and consultation on your next project, and get the best price on the solution to your next opportunity



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